The Best Trade Show Booths for Attendees

An impressive trade show booth can leave attendees reeling. Events service companies are getting more creative in their booth design and fabrication techniques.

At trade shows and other trade fair events, providing attendees with promotional swag can increase brand recognition while strengthening like, trust and even love for your business. Make sure it bears your brand so attendees become walking advertisements for you!

1. Make Your Products Available to See on the Floor

One of the main draws of trade shows for attendees is to sample new products. Offering free samples is an effective way of spreading the word about them, increasing chances that attendees may purchase them later on – for instance, Sleep Number brought multiple mattresses to CES 2018, enabling visitors to lay on them and experience them first-hand.

Special offers can also help draw customers to your booth, whether that means providing discounts for products or handing out free samples to all those who visit. Offering these deals may entice potential buyers who were on the fence about purchasing your products but may now make up their minds to do so!

Engaging games and activities will keep your customers interested in your brand at an event, whether it’s through physical challenges, mental challenges, or simply something fun and cheerful that makes people smile. Involvement helps guests remember your brand while increasing the odds they sign up for your newsletter or social media pages.

2. Be the Booth That Has Something Everyone Needs

At trade shows, seating may be scarce so offering something inviting people to sit down and relax (such as offering box of branded doughnuts) will definitely increase foot traffic to your booth. Also having live DJ or band performers in your booth will engage visitors for longer and keep them coming in!

Give away free samples of your products if possible; people are more likely to try something new if they can see how it works firsthand. Sleep Number is an example of this phenomenon, having brought multiple mattresses with them for visitors to try for themselves during CES 2018.

Purchase booths can be costly, especially if your company only attends a few shows annually. If that is the case for you, consider adopting a hybrid strategy whereby renting is used at some shows while purchasing is utilized at others.

3. Hand Out Big Freebie Bags

Trade show attendees need a break from all of the noise and can use some refreshments as part of their experience. Be the booth that provides this, and watch your traffic increase!

Contests are a quick and simple way to grab attention and engage people at your booth. From guessing how long it will take a block of ice to melt to joining current trends like TikTok dance parties, taking advantage of current trends is an engaging way to capture people’s interest and attract traffic.

Give visitors an unforgettable experience and they’re more likely to remember and talk about your brand name and share their impressions with friends. Food, drinks and games are popular trade show booth ideas; Justin Boots, See’s Candy and Clayton Homes have all used this tactic successfully, offering attendees an unique way to sample products right then and there as well as collecting contact details and developing leads at trade shows.

4. Have a Charging Station

Attendees at events often have much on their plate, from fatigue, hunger and thirstiness. Offering attendees the ability to charge their phones is one of the best trade show booth ideas that can attract and retain guests at your booth.

No matter if it’s professional hosting or one of your team members serving in this capacity, having an engaging emcee at your booth can draw crowds and generate positive energy. Slack utilized their CMO at their Dreamforce 2016 booth as an engaging emcee who was also used to convey company messaging.

Photo booths with props are an effective way to engage visitors and have them share their experiences on social media, encouraging them to tag your brand through an event hashtag. Live music can add another exciting layer to the experience; just be sure to obtain permission from the venue first.

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